Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Set It Off

Here are a few outfits I came by on fashionworship.com that reminded me a small smart piece can set an entire outfit off.

I love the purse.

Check out the shoes!

Again, the purse. Great with the ensemble.

Do you have any favorite accessories that set off your outfits?

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Doing the Orange Polka

Thought I'd try something different today to show off my new orange jeans.

Here's the inspiration:

Here's what I wore:
Lane Bryant via DFWH for $6

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans on sale $7 Kohl's

Doing anything different lately?

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Highs and lows

I've see a few high low dresses but didn't quite see them worn any way that spoke to me. After seeing this one at a DFWH sale (aka MJR Sales) for 80% off

I figured that would be the price to persuade me to give it a try.

I paired it with a black blazer, black tights, and black ankle biker boots. I was I inspired by this look.

I accessorized the look with rhinestone cross jewelry similar to these.

Try anything new lately?

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The Unexpected

I don't normally find many finds at Kohl's, let alone sales. The following items were a pleasant surprise.

Both Apt 9 coats regular $225 on sale for $23

Orange jeans $8.99 regular $40

Snake skin jeans reg $44 on sale $4.99

The grand surprise was a coupon with an additional 20%. It always pays to keep expecting the unexpected.

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