Sunday, January 31, 2010

Button Rings Part 2

Three buttons, a few beads and elastic later...  I think this craft will be revisited often.

What do you think?

This afternoon's project: BUTTON RINGS

I know.  I know.  Rings made out of buttons?  Give me a break, right?  I haven't decided yet.  There are some really neat buttons and I was thinking about how I could use them.  Then I found this...

So, off to Jo'Ann's for a few 50 cent buttons and an afternoon of fun!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toying around with header....

 Getting there....

What I want NOW....

Ok wanting a credit card with no limit that someone else pays is a given. The TOY I want is

Can you imagine my virtual closet on this?!?!?

A Cold Saturday

I always struggle with Saturday wardrobes especially when I'm tired. I know leggings for the big legs are supposed to be a no no but leggings with boots and a long pretty top just may be the go to for today. Stay warm friends.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Virtual Closets....

Ever lay in the bed trying to figure out what to put on in the morning?  Ever find yourself going to your favorite outfit just a little to often?  Virtual closets are excellent aids to your attire, and 2 of my favorite are StylishGirl and TouchCloset. 

I started out using StylishGirl but moved to TouchCloset because of the ease.  I haven't deleted StylishGirl from my ipod because I like the canned articles that update automatically with the program.

Check them out.  You put as many articles you want in the program (tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, outwear, and jewelry.  You can also create outfits from all of the articles you put into the program.  Lastly, you can indicate the date that you wore the outfit and the program keeps track for you.  There note sections and a favs indicator, which can also be used to help construct a packing list.

It's great for "going through your closet" from bed right after you hit the snooze button on the alarm closet.

search for stylishgirl in iTunes                                             

Some items in my virtual closet:


Love the vibe!

Always thought Jill Scott is beautiful.  Never thought of her as an example of fashion and vibe.  What do you think?

A New Page...A New Corner

I've acquired a new love...blogs.  I love searching for them..finding ones I like and then reading them.  Fashion blogs to me are like daily magazines that never stale or run dry.  Reading more and more blogs has rejuvenated my enjoyment of writing my own... so here we go.  Clothes, makeup, shoes, sales, etc.  This blog will be different because of the pictures posted with each entry.  Feel free to post comments and share...

Melange 4D Favs

Let's start with this look from

Question: Is it work appropriate?