Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Building Blocks

One of the things I try to stick to is building on what I already own. I keep an eye out for shoes, accessories and clothes that will make my closet a story and not a nightmare. I thought I'd share either what I made, bought regular price, or caught on clearance that made for nice additions to what I already had.

Remember I made this piece:

While at Charming Charlie's yesterday I saw this ring... PERFECT addition.

I bought these earrings years ago, and found this watch (yes, at CC again) and this ring there on clearance for $3. They look very nice with my new camel leather jacket.

These bracelets ($2 clearance at Fashion Bug) will also be great with pieces I already have.

The black and silver was a no brainer as much of my wardrobe is black and/or grey. I had my Charming Charlie watch in mind when I got the black and gold.

Lastly, I saw this ring at CC and loved it but searched and searched for earrings to no avail. So, I stopped by my local Jo Ann Fabric Store and for less than $5 bought the supplies to make my own.

What do you think?

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Make Up Haul

I like going to the Dollar Tree just to see what they have that is also in the store. Today, their make-up stock was pretty good, including Revlon, Max Factor, ELF, and Aziza. Here's what I grabbed.

The Max Factor is neutral tan and the Revlon is deep matte navy.

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Closet Reconstruction

For years I've been the same size. It's been a wonderful thing except that some of my older pieces are starting to look just that...old. In an effort to update my closet, I've added some pieces knowing that they are timeless pieces and are great additions to my wardrobe.

From Lane Bryant:

(yes, both!)

This color is REAL off in this pic. It is actually a deeper grape shade of the sweater dress above and they are a perfect match.

Looking forward to wearing this with jeans

The pic online and pic of me.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Today's MAC haul

Thanks to my honey for my Christmas gift certificate to the MAC counter. I knew I wanted to get a new Chai lipglass

and found Quiet Please from the collection

to be a WONDERFUL neutral shade.

Quiet Please

I'll post pics soon.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ooo Jimmy Chooooo

Love these. And at $795 I'll never see them.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fashion Bug haul

Got these items last night at the bug of fashion. The items were 30% off the markdown and I had a coupon. So much for not shopping for yourself for the holidays. @--

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Repost -past/present/future watch

I love this.
past/present/future watch

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


One last attempt to copy the multi-chain necklaces I like (see previous post). Now I need to figure out when to wear them.... Outfit suggestions?

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Today's DIY

Reposted from ps I made this. Gonna change it by attaching the fur to a knee sock so it extends my calf boots to a knee boot. I'll post the results asap.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chain Chain Chain

I've been contemplating what to do with the chain necklaces D. from Monkshack gave me. Once I saw the multi chain necklaces I knew what my next diy project would be.

From mimiboutique

Janis by Janis Savitt antique crystal multi-chain necklace, $915
Available at Bergdorf Goodman, 745 Fifth Ave., 212-753-7300

Melange 4D DIY

I kept it all silver for a few reasons... 1. I don't have an all silver necklace. 2. To go to the store would end up with me buying more than additions for this piece. I can't seem to walk out without three new projects. And 3. This piece is Now sentimental in that it contains only materials given to me by a dear friend.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY sweater clasp

Made from a pair of Charming Charlie clip earrings.

Charming Charlie haul

So much fun today. I decided to restrict myself to the clearance section of
Charming Charlie. I still had a BALL.

Be looking for the next post where I make the black and silver clip
earrings into a diy sweater clasp.

One can never be to HIP

For $2.99, I figured I better the colors I want before they go back to
being $11.99. A gift CVS certificate from D. Sr. sealed the deal.

Here are Restless (top) and Visionary (bottom).


charming charlie is like a cool salve on life's problems. #ilovejewelry.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I am so HIP - fixed post

My apologies for the prior post.  I placed it using an email account.

I have been eyeing Loreal's HIP shocking shadow pigments for a while (no pun intended). I stopped by CVS and finally, they were on sale AND even better, they were 75% off. Here's what I bought and here's how it looks.

This color, Intrepid, has little flecks of green in it. Gorgeous!


Here are the others that I am going to go back and get tomorrow, because at $2.99 each (was $11.99), who can not take advantge of that sale?