Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Business

I tried to give "the business" during my business look!

Jacket - lane bryant $1.07
Pants - lane bryant $15
Tank - Forever 21 - $16
Watch - Charming Charlie - $15
Shoes - so old who knows

Make up - FIT and Wet and Wild eyeshadow, MAC lip glass in Chai

Photo Shoot prep

So, a friend/colleague of mine nominated me for the weekly style layout in the Life section of our local newspaper, and I was selected. In a few Sundays your's truly will be in the paper. Below are pictures of my attempt to figure out my makeup the night before. I have much to learn but this the look I went with for the photo shoot. Somebody call Tyra. Lol

Ps. I need to work on my pout look!

Love it. Work it!

Found this on Love it and will work it soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September Outfit Inspiration Calendar includes Melange 4D!


September can be such a tease of a month. The stores and magazines are showing nothing but fall fashion, but the temps for most of the country are still too warm to indulge in all the layering and thicker fabrics. Hopefully this month's inspiration calendar will keep you inspired during this transitional time.

Thanks to everyone that submitted photos of themselves or ones they have come across to use for this month's calendar!


Thursday, 9/1 - Skinny Black Pants with Neutrals (via Pinterest)
Friday, 9/2 - Graphic Tee Combo (A Little Bit of This)
Saturday, 9/3 - Bright Yellow and Denim(via Pinterest)


Monday, 9/5 - Gingham and Red (Daily Jo Haiku)
Tuesday, 9/6 - Neon, Pink and Teal (via Pinterest)
Wednesday, 9/7 - Lace! (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/8 - Orange and Navy Mix (Ashley of A Fashion Fixation submitted it)
Friday, 9/9 - Denim Shirt over a Maxi Dress (via Pinterest)
Saturday, 9/10 - Go Casual in Plaid and Leggings (Daily Dose of Dana)


Monday, 9/12 - Belt a Blazer (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/13 - Mix Green and Turquoise (AnyEveryNothing)
Wednesday, 9/14 - Add Pops of Color to a Light Base (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/15 - Add a Touch of Masculine (Buildeth Her House)
Friday, 9/16 - Go for Plaid (Defying My Closet)
Saturday, 9/17 - Mix Polished and Casual (Melange 4D)


Monday, 9/19 - Polka Dots and a Pencil Skirt (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/20 - Ground a Pattern with Black (via Bombshell Beauty)
Wednesday, 9/21 - Belt a Cardigan (this girl's life)
Thursday, 9/22 - Orange and Gray Mix (via Pinterest)
Friday, 9/23 - Casual Fall Layers (Ashley of A Fashion Fixation submitted it)
Saturday, 9/24 - Denim with a Trench and Leopard (via Pinterest)


Monday, 9/26 - Yellow and Gray Mix (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/27 - Ruffle Top and a Skirt (via Pinterest)
Wednesday, 9/28 - Layer Green over Lace (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/29 - Striped Cardigan with Dress Pants (Ladyloo Land submitted this look via Avenue)
Friday, 9/30 - Dress up Denim with a Blazer (Bella Remixes)

Sync up with the Outfit Inspiration Calendar, so you can have inspiration at your fingertips on your Google Calendar or phone. You can also print the calendar by clicking on the Print Icon below.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Got this shirt at Old Navy in

So excited!

To have a new store resource. Needed a shirt with flouncy ruffle in black and found this at Forever 21. Love it!

Oops and these too! Ha

Both of these were $15 and EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE

Nine West Endine

Shoes Glorious Shoes

Elder Beerman has 75% off the clearance price on shoes. These were $15 each regular $89. Now it's true the last thing I NEED is a pair of shoes, but some things you don't walk away from. Gonna get rid of some shoes to compromise.

Nine West Rhapsos in champagne and black


Friday, August 26, 2011

Behind The Seams: DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf


DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf

This is the most easiest DIY ever! A very fun and simple DIY wrap-turned-scarf project that takes less than a minute to create and requires only one piece of fabric! 

materials: scissors, measuring tape, and one square yard of fabric (preferably a jersey fabric or one that does not unravel easily).

Step 1: Fold the fabric in half from left to right.

Step 2: With the measuring tape, measure six inches down and six inches over from the folded side. Then cut an eight inch vertical slit.

Step 3: Open up the fabric and there should be two openings for your arms to go through.


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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Wearing this was fun. It felt like the perfect balance between classic (suit) and trendy (shorts suit and sneakers).

White jacket - Lane Bryant $1.07 (with gift card)
Shorts - Mossimo $3.99 (via overstock warehouse)
Bracelets - diy by me!
Tshirt - beloved alma mater
Pink chucks - Target

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I love a great deal!

With the $15 off coupon, these Lane Bryant jackets were $1.07 after tax.


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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yes and yes sir!

Both from and at your local KMart.

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I just might be ready...

These ads were the first thing that's yet to make me even consider I might be ready for the Fall... That I might even consider looking forward to it.

All ads by Gap Kids

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