Saturday, April 28, 2012

Never Say Never

While I understand having standards where you choose to shop, I also can appreciate cute and affordable at any store. These two dresses are less than $20 each, cute, and versatile, and available at Walmart online and in stores.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ask CF: How Do I Change Up an All-Black Work Uniform?

Excerpt from

No to the earrings and shoes. Love the shirt, pants, and scarf

Outfit #3

Ask CF-All Black Work Ourfit-Casual
Product Information: Top, Scarf, Pants, Earrings, Shoes

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Spring Time!

Nude - Not Naked

PinK wOrks - 'I love pink, it's so girly! Ashley Tisdale'


My New Kate Spade

Black & Pink

Your Heart Is As Black As Night

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Forward with Black White & Bright

Pink, cream, brown, black, white.

pink black white

Moschino flat

Senza titolo #1293

Casual Friday

How to wear a signature piece

The sun WILL shine again

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's go to the mall!

Day to Night: Coachella

Wear I Live Wednesdays

I hit the lottery with the numbers 6.99

So those who know me know that I mean this metaphorically. My mom and I did some shopping this weekend (thanks mom!) and found the following at Lane Bryant on the $6.99 rack.

I found this jacket and skirt in olive green, but could only find the pics online in grey.

I found this jacket. Unfortunately, the only matching skirt on the rack was 2 sizes too small.

Very well-spent $22.

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Red Pants Outfit Hunt: Complete!

Lately, I have been blogging and pinning (pinterest) outfits with red pants as the building block. I have been hunting for pieces.

The red knit capri from Lane Bryant were a good idea...for someone else's body type. They also are tight in the leg and huge in the waist. I will tailor them and see if that helps.

I have these One Stop Plus denim jeggings in a dark wash and LOVE them. I am excited about the red ones, but found out AFTER I ordered them that they are on back order until June. (enter huge disappointment here.)
I finally got the pieces that I think will be flattering on me. Until I wear it, what do you think?

Pants: One Stop Shop, Shirt: Lane Bryant, Shoes: Ruff Hewn, Jacket: mine is August Max this one is similar

Here's my favorite so far and my next hunt:

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Dollar Jewelry Transformation

I knew I liked the pieces individually and thought I could put them together somehow. What do you think?

All pieces from Glitter (and each piece $1)

Know Your Neutrals: Olive from Madison Plus

Reading this blog came right on time since I just bought an olive green suit. (Post coming up!)


When it comes to neutrals, you may think any color works when combining with other colors – but think again! We've put together a series of "Know Your Neutrals" that will help you pair the right colors with the right neutrals! This week we will be focusing on the trend-setting neutral color, Olive! A popular color this season that, paired with the right colors, will give you that feminine turn to an old military color feel!

Outfit 1: RED

Dorothy Perkins- Khaki Safari Jacket
ASOS Curve- Exclusive Jersey Maxi Dress
Bloomingdales- Coach Poppy Leather Whipstich Hippie
Bloomingdales- Stuart Weitzman Flapper Tassel Flat 

Outfit 2: PINK

Dorothy Perkins- Khaki Safari Jacket
Dorothy Perkins- Pink Lace Bubble Vest
Bloomingdales- Not Your Daughters Jeans, Marilyn Straight Jeans with Embroidered Back Pocket
Nordstrom- Sperry Top-Sider 'Authentic Original' Leather Boot Shoe
Nordstrom- Gucci "italian Collection, Retro Sunglasses

Outfit 3: YELLOW

Dorothy Perkins- Khaki Safari Jacket
Nordstrom- Caslon Relaxed Seam Back Tee
Dorothy Perkins- Yellow Capri Ankle Length Jean
ASOS- Finsbury Toe Thong Flat Sandal


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Monday, April 2, 2012

Friday with Helmut Lang

Victoria Beckham at work

Very Casual Friday: Southwestern

Duchess of Cambridge wears it to work

Pretty dresses for work

Romantic twenty-something on a Friday

Elegant in the workplace

I am woman: Thirty-something

Polka dot skirt three different ways