Thursday, April 28, 2011


As women, when it comes to fashion, there is one thing that we love to have, and it begins with the letter O. Options! We love having options. Whether it's clothes or shoes, we like being able to pick and choose.

Unfortunately, women who wear a size 11 shoe and above have very few options. If you're above a size 10 in shoes you know how hard it is to find shoes in your size and even more importantly, how hard it is to find stylish shoes in your size. Well, SC has found a shoe site that caters to women sizes 11 and up. Exceptional Footprints was brought to our attention via Twitter.  It's a shoe site that wants to revolutionize the footwear industry by representing for the girls with size 11 feet and up. 

Shondell Andre founded Exceptional Footprints like so many others, out of frustration. A size 12 herself, this fellow curvy girl felt that there was a market for women with size 11 feet and above. I'm quite sure plenty of women would probably be rich if they had a $1 for every time a shoe store said we don't carry your size. Shondell is showing love to the shoe challenged with Exceptional Footprints.

Have you been on the search for a pair of bright colored peeptoes or the new trendy nude pumps in your size? Well check this out, the site offers a bevy of stylish and trendy shoes ranging from sexy colorful heels, ballet flats, to jeweled encrusted sandals. Currently they carry shoe brands Corso Como and Madeline. Since the site is fairly new, we expect that they will be adding more brands as they grow. Just recently they added the Takera collection (pictured above), a shoe line by WNBA player Asjha Takera Jones which features richly colored suede heels in a t-strap style.

Shoes are priced from $49-$245. For more check out their website at

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dress Me

I believe I'm pushing the warm weather. All I like lately is dresses. I can't wait to wear them! Here's a few I'm eyeing:

Just My Size

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Let's go courting!!

I told my husband I saw a dress I wanted and there was a special caveat to me getting the dress. It would be a courting dress. Not a movie, ice cream, or hanging out at a friend's house, but a bonafide COURTING dress. A "take me to dinner or jazz, or a show" dress! I can't wait to grease my legs and don this dress and (similar) heels.

I do believe marriage is an agreement to engage (aka court, date, woo, etc.) each other for the rest of your lives. I'm currently working out to do the dress further justice, I'm tickled and can't wait. I love finding clothes that remind me how cute I am.

Do you have a go-to item that puts a pep in your step? What's your courting outfit?

Go to 2:20 in the video to see the dress modeled.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Unmentionable

*a note to my male readers: you might want to skip this post.*

The problem with something being unmentionable is it denies the power of sharing information. For example, very few women share their challenges AND successes regarding undergarments. In fact I only talk about such with my best friends and female family members. As a result I have spent countless dollars on underwear (which adds up to a few pieces) that didn't work. After a few wears it either, rolled, washed horribly, or fell apart.

So, in the spirit of sharing, hear we go. I waited all week to write this review just to make sure I would give a complete review. (none of these items were gifted to me.)
These were from Lane Bryant.

First the undies.

Granted they are not the sexiest but this purchase was about function more than form. I DIDNOT like these. They had absolutely no hold and I like undies that help keep me firm not fluid. I took off the ones I had on and return the ones I hadn't worn. They were 3 for $29.

Next a bra

I was leery of these because they were all cotton, but they quickly became my new favorite! Even through a wash they have been sturdy without the dreaded peeling and sagging of a non-underwire bra. My honey even noticed a few days after I started wearing my new bras. SCORE!!! I plan to purchase a few more.

And finally

I went in search of a sports bra and found this at Catherines. The typical high price ($34) is absolutely worth it. I feel supported without feeling like something is cutting into me.

I hope the above is helpful, and the next time you buy underwear...mention it.

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My friend says I've turned getting dressed into an event. After initially being tickled I decided she had a point. I enjoy thinking of what I'll put on that day and thinking of a theme makes it even funner. With that in mind, Here was my featured outfit of the week. Pretty soon I'll figure out the picture of me piece. Until then, here's what I wore.


(this skirt is actually an extremely long maxi skirt and I love it.)

Shoes: Candies via

This shoe is actually a very muted lilac. I love it with the sting shade of the outfit. Your thoughts?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can never have enough...

Cardigans (this time).

I wish I had one in every color!

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If you don't love you, how can you expect others to?

That is all.

Artwork by Richard Wilkinson

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Dear Pookie...

I was hunting for a cute blue shoe and thought of you when I saw this. It is indeed in your size (only) and I think you'd ROCK IT!

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Summer pants

These run big but are gorgeous on!

They are cropped (versus capri) and are made of a wonderful stretchy material. They breathe without stretching out of shape.

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Marilyn Monroe is what my BFF said

Beautiful dress ( and this picture doesn't do it justice.

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From the heel, to the color, to the price! Love these! 59.00 online
39.99 in person at Marshalls.

By Etienne Aigner

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New fascination - blush/nude

I've been seeing blush patent heels everywhere and although I love them they've been either too high in price or heel. I saw these a few weeks back at Target and finally decided $12 was a reasonable alternative.

They'll go nicely with my nude nails (Revlon Grey suede...which is not grey at all).

When investigating outfits I came across this site for coloring ideas.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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