Saturday, July 31, 2010

I can never have enough...

Well, I could finish that a couple ways but today it's "...good tees."

FYI there are several useful stapl tees currently on sale. These are from the Avenue for $6 (sale price).

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An economical way to fill a charm bracelet......

There are things I like that (for right now) my priorities make them unattainable. Unless I wear the bracelet with no charms, Pandora is one of them. But today I happened across a more economical alternative which is a pleasant substitute and makes B happy as well.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

More than your roles

Invisibility can be the death of you. There's so much more to an individual than the role(s) they play.

I've spent the week with the kids due to their school being closed. I've never heard the word "mommy" so many times. Even in all of its variations.... Ma. Mama, mommy.... It still is a name I acquired with a role. While it is one of the three of my most coveted roles, there's so much more. There are my interests, hobbies, pet peeves, concerns, so much more than the roles.
How would you define who you are? Can you do so without using the roles you play? There's so much more to you.
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Get $2 Camis at Old Navy starting this Thursday!

Old Navy is going to have their camis on sale for $2 from Thursday to Saturday. You are limited to 5 per customer and you need to either print out this coupon or say "Cami 4 Me" to your cashier to get them for $2.

(Thanks Deal Finding Chik!)

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

why I love fabric stores

Still thinking of a creative way to pair these shoes with one of (or all of) these fabrics.  I'm thinking a skirt and sneaker mix or cute dress.

Any suggestions?

Payless may be trying to come back...

I admit Payless used to be a go-to store for me if I was in need of a quick shoe selection.  Payless was one of the reasons I once had more than 100 pair.  Something happened a few years ago and Payless became Paymore and their selection left a lot to be desired. 

While browsing tonight, I actually found a few pairs I liked.  Three distinctly different shoes that would meet three different purposes. 

So, what do you think?  Payless making a comeback?

New project

Skirt or dress I haven't decided. I do appreciate my own creations as much as those with mass production labels. What looks good is what's important. I'll post it once it's done, of course.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Need a new makeup bag?

What a CUTE idea.... These pencil bags are $2.50 each. Very cute alternative to the regular makeup bag.
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Cute tank from Just My Size

$14 sequined long tank CUTE
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Featured...personally moved

Please see

There are two things I stumbled upon about 6 years ago: blog reading and making jewelry. I realize it was a way of escape as I think about what was going on then (I know you are resting in peace baby girl). There was blog surfing when I couldn't sleep and jewelry-making in the day. Now to me they've become more than incidental escapes but beloved pasttimes.

The blogs I read are purposeful. I find the writers to be encouraging, motivational and real. (I hesitate telling them so I won't seem stalkerish...ha). The jewelry has become love letters of sorts. Sometimes the letters are to people (as they remind me of individuals) or places or times in my life.

This morning how tickled I was to awake (again can't sleepy now cuz I'm hot...growl!) to find an intersection where these things in my life joined for a moment while reading Tina's blog. Can't explain the feeling. Thank you ladies.

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Blessed to do something together that we love

Mom has really taken to doing jewelry as a pasttime with me. I'm blessed to have her and to be able to do this together. I hope folks come out to see her stuff.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Custom order

Here is the material we needed to match and the set we created.

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Yes, we are

We are...

- still working hard for the show. Attached are a few new pieces

- on twitter. Follow us for fun and random shopping fyi

- now able to take payments electronically. Paypal account is now up.

- hoping you'll join us and bring a friend on July 17 3-5pm!

Ps the baubles are bronze on a bronze chain
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