Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday DIY

I was antsy and couldn't braid my hair (the beauty supply store is closed for the holiday) so I made t-shirt bracelets of different widths. What do you think?

And a headband just because.

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My first OOTD

Dedicated to my best friend, Tracy, who says I'm pretty enough to do an outfit of the day blog post. I don't know how often I'll post my outfits, but hooray for the first one.

Dress- Lane Bryant 2011

Earrings - diy wood bangles

Bracelets - wood bangles from Glitter Store dollar jewelry store

Straw hat - Target $2.50

makeup - MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick (as eye shadow) and Chai lipglass, Maybelline eyebrow pencil, Bonnie Bell eye liner in basic black

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Charming Charlie Haul

Combine breakfast and Charming Charlie with a friend and it's a great morning. Add the fact that clearance is 75% off and you have a perfect morning.

Here's the haul, and I got it all under $20.

I bought 2 of this necklace and earrings. One for my mom. One for me. Can't go wrong with pearls and gold and a white shirt.

Sorry this is so blurry.

How was your day?

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Way to Spend the Day

Those who know me won't be surprised to hear that my perfect Mother's Day was one with me still managing to "do something."

The perfect Mother's Day was one with me taking the time to do a few pieces. Here they are:

Sorry these are blurry. I think this is such a cute bead.

Simple but I still like the owl.

I can't wait to wear this on the days I feel like a caged bird. I DO know why a caged bird sings.

I've had these earrings and bracelets. The necklace is new.

So,I love these beads. Can you tell? I think this blue is extremely regal.

Last, but the one I'm most excited about matches my courting dress from this post.

Here's the dress.

I think I'm going to change it to gold though. I just remembered the shoes I plan on wearing are gold.

Well, at least I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

What do you think?

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