Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September Outfit Inspiration Calendar includes Melange 4D!


September can be such a tease of a month. The stores and magazines are showing nothing but fall fashion, but the temps for most of the country are still too warm to indulge in all the layering and thicker fabrics. Hopefully this month's inspiration calendar will keep you inspired during this transitional time.

Thanks to everyone that submitted photos of themselves or ones they have come across to use for this month's calendar!


Thursday, 9/1 - Skinny Black Pants with Neutrals (via Pinterest)
Friday, 9/2 - Graphic Tee Combo (A Little Bit of This)
Saturday, 9/3 - Bright Yellow and Denim(via Pinterest)


Monday, 9/5 - Gingham and Red (Daily Jo Haiku)
Tuesday, 9/6 - Neon, Pink and Teal (via Pinterest)
Wednesday, 9/7 - Lace! (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/8 - Orange and Navy Mix (Ashley of A Fashion Fixation submitted it)
Friday, 9/9 - Denim Shirt over a Maxi Dress (via Pinterest)
Saturday, 9/10 - Go Casual in Plaid and Leggings (Daily Dose of Dana)


Monday, 9/12 - Belt a Blazer (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/13 - Mix Green and Turquoise (AnyEveryNothing)
Wednesday, 9/14 - Add Pops of Color to a Light Base (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/15 - Add a Touch of Masculine (Buildeth Her House)
Friday, 9/16 - Go for Plaid (Defying My Closet)
Saturday, 9/17 - Mix Polished and Casual (Melange 4D)


Monday, 9/19 - Polka Dots and a Pencil Skirt (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/20 - Ground a Pattern with Black (via Bombshell Beauty)
Wednesday, 9/21 - Belt a Cardigan (this girl's life)
Thursday, 9/22 - Orange and Gray Mix (via Pinterest)
Friday, 9/23 - Casual Fall Layers (Ashley of A Fashion Fixation submitted it)
Saturday, 9/24 - Denim with a Trench and Leopard (via Pinterest)


Monday, 9/26 - Yellow and Gray Mix (via Pinterest)
Tuesday, 9/27 - Ruffle Top and a Skirt (via Pinterest)
Wednesday, 9/28 - Layer Green over Lace (via Pinterest)
Thursday, 9/29 - Striped Cardigan with Dress Pants (Ladyloo Land submitted this look via Avenue)
Friday, 9/30 - Dress up Denim with a Blazer (Bella Remixes)

Sync up with the Outfit Inspiration Calendar, so you can have inspiration at your fingertips on your Google Calendar or phone. You can also print the calendar by clicking on the Print Icon below.

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