Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOTALLY TUBULAR BRACELET {from green eyed monster)



My line-up of DIY projects was put on hold last week when a friend's grandfather passed away. She asked if I could make her and her family a series of red, tubular embroidery thread bracelets to wear during the mourning period. And so back into the friendship-making mindset I went!

Given that this woman not only threw me a whale of a baby shower, sewed the cover for the girls' loveseat, knit Sunny the most adorable sock monkey stuffed animal, and hemmed fabric for a project I will unveil in the coming weeks, I dove right in. Since I spend up to four hours a day breastfeeding Courtland, I was fortunate to have a pattern in mind that was easy to do with baby strapped to boob. I used only red thread, but you could easily mix it up with an array of multi-colored strands for an interesting effect.

While certainly a sad reason to engage in this project, I am happy that a little tutorial could come from it.

To learn how to tie a sliding knot, refer to this video tutorial.


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