Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marvelous Metallics!

A close friend asked for suggestions on how to wear a metallic jacket. Here's her jacket.

Here are some illustrations and my thoughts, with a big girl lens.

Metallic jacket, subtle pants, pretty blouse and boots with similar metallic accent. If you can't find a similar accent on a boot, make sure the boot and the pant are extremely similar in color...not different shades and don't match the shirt.

Metallic jacket with all one color... Cream, chocolate, black, etc. Use the plain palette to set the scene for the jacket.

White shirt, black pants and a shoe different shade than the jacket. Think burgundy like above or plum, or forest. Stay away from a bright color (no orange, yellow, or another metallic).

Pic from Wear the jacket with a tweed skirt and subtle shoes. Be prepared to carry the boldness of the jacket. Other ideas... Metallic jacket with a similar shade shirt and a solid bottom (I love the green and cream by the way).


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