Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink Lips on Carmel (pic heavy)

I have been experimenting with pink lipsticks and as I was putting two new ones in my makeup bag I thought I'd do a review. In my typical fashion I didn't realize I had so many. I am usually drawn to more natural (carmel) shades on my lips, but i wanted to branch out. I don't know about you, but when I am trying something new or a trend I first (and most time stick with) the inexpensive version. The same is true for my pink lips.

The pics may not show just how truly different they look but I'll be sure to expound. (I am not wearing a foundation color nor a lip liner with any of these.)

First is Revlon Colorburst in pink ice glace rose ($7). This comes in pretty thick and shiny. I use it as a bubble gum glaze. It doesn't have a distinctive taste and stays on for about 30 minutes.

This is E.L.F.'s Hypershine Gloss in Fairy ($1). It resembles the Revlon gloss but has much more iridescent to it. It is also a shade lighter.

This is an E.L.F. Lipstick called Classy ($1). I got it to try the recent trend of matte pink lips. I haven't figured out when I'll wear it but it will be a weekend color (or toned down at work with a secretary pencil skirt, white button down and leopard flats). I haven't worn it yet so I'm not sure of its staying power.

I was surprised by seductive by E.L.F. ($1). I thought it would have much more of a berry tint on my lips but it is a very muted pink shade. I haven't worn this either so I am not sure of the staying power.

Flusterose by MAC is one of my favorite. It is my only pink product that would consider an investment at $17 (via a gift card). It is a subtle pink that shimmers in the light. It stays on for about an hour.

This is one of the matte lipsticks by E.L.F. called tea rose ($3). While the classy (see above) comes across as matte it still has the silkiness of a lipstick. This one is from E.L.F.'s line of matte lipsticks. I will show you how I use it later below.

Spite, by MAC ($15) is my last and favorite. It is a standard in the lipglass collection and a standard for me. Spite and chai are the two shades I can put on without a mirror especially in a time pinch and not worry. The swatch from my hand is the truer shade. It is a gorgeous neutral pink with no flecks or pearls. LOVE

These are all of the pinks in my makeup bag (yes, you should see the rest of the contents!).

I promised you I'd show you how I wear tea rose. Here it is as a foundation with spite over it.

Do you wear pinks? What is your complexion? What colors are your go to, and what do feel doesn't work for you? What are your favorite products?

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