Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lippy Review

I know this is an outfit blog, but due to my local KMart closing, I was able to pick up some great cosmetics at 90%.  Such a great sale, I thought I'd share.  Here are my current favs in rotation.

Revlon's Fig Jam shoes up brown with a very distinct reddish brown. I bought it thinking it would be a great chocolate.  It is not straight chocolate.

 Covergirl's Divine is PRETTY!  It is a bold magenta and a lot of fun to wear.  It reminds me of this picture I pinned on Pinterest.
 I haven't worn Maybelline's Captivating Coral yet, but I am looking forward to it
Revlon's Iced Chocolate comes off as a pretty browned mauve.  It's easily an everyday grab for my NC 40 skin tone.
 NYX's Chloe is a true magenta.
 I forsee wearing Maybelline's Electric Shock throughout the summer.
Revlon's Fuchsia is more of a hot pink than a magenta.  Believe it or not this and the above 2 pinks have completely different hues.
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipstick by Make Up For Ever.  $20 at Sephora (I got it from returning a gift) the lipstick is highly pigmented.  The color comes off just as it looks... a glorious shade of purple.
 Revlon's Colorburst Sunbaked has almost no shade of brown.
 Revlon's Peony is a shiny pink.  Fun but not a lot of staying power.
I wanted to try Drew Barrymore's new cosmetic line, Flower. My Little Buttercup is anything to rant and rave about.  It is the EXACT color of my complexion, so I don't plan on giving it away. 
Revlon's Crystal Water was $1.  I got it because it was so cheap.  I thought it would have more shimmer, but it is more of a clear gloss.  You get the iridescent effect when you pile on the gloss.
Have you gotten any new cosmetics lately?

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