Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's go courting!!

I told my husband I saw a dress I wanted and there was a special caveat to me getting the dress. It would be a courting dress. Not a movie, ice cream, or hanging out at a friend's house, but a bonafide COURTING dress. A "take me to dinner or jazz, or a show" dress! I can't wait to grease my legs and don this dress and (similar) heels.

I do believe marriage is an agreement to engage (aka court, date, woo, etc.) each other for the rest of your lives. I'm currently working out to do the dress further justice, I'm tickled and can't wait. I love finding clothes that remind me how cute I am.

Do you have a go-to item that puts a pep in your step? What's your courting outfit?

Go to 2:20 in the video to see the dress modeled.

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