Sunday, December 2, 2012

All Things Sparkly

Have you ever wanted something even though you knew it would eventually be a waste? Lately, I've been attracted to sequins. Thing is I've learned that the item has to be made a certain way or I will hate wearing it.
From Walmart... These are pretty and would be beautiful under a suit. I've learned though that tanks with sequins normally are made either too short or too tight. I would buy these, wear them, fidget and give them away or store them while convincing myself I'll wear them again some day.

From Lane Bryant
So I have this one. I got it mainly because it was at an MJR sale for $6 regular $50. At that price I don't feel bad wearing it occasionally.

Awkward pic by daughter moment

This bag was given away with a purchase a few weeks ago and I had to tell myself not to make a purchase just to get one. I was successful but I still glance twice at it before I leave the store.

Doesn't the skirt say "sure you need me!" To be honest the main reason I've said no is because I have no solid idea of why I'd wear with it including shoes. So, yes it would hang in the closet.

Lastly, I confess this shirt is in my LB in basket. This shirt is GORGEOUS in person and there's a MATCHING PURSE at Charming Charlie. However, not only is it EXPENSIVE at $79.50 (my sales rules require this to be at least 70% off) I also know that the sequins would BOTHER my arms eventually. I've had a full sequin shirt before and ended up with sores on my upper arms. So, for now I'll dream of it (and the purse). However, if I see this in a MJR Sale in 2013 you best believe I'm on it!

What items are you attracted to lately?
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