Friday, November 30, 2012

Fat Calf Socks!

After years (literally) of trial and error I have finally found a sock that not only comes all of the way to my knee BUT also stays put! The problem hasn't necessarily been finding a sock that pulls but stays. The Merona Boot Solutions over-the-knee sock does well at both! At first I baulked at the $5/pair price, but soon went back for another color. $10 for two pair enabled me to go through my drawer and get rid of all of the unsuccessful attempts from years gone by. The sock is (for me) not too thick and not too thin. There is some extra material because it is meant to go over the knee but not so much that it aggravated me. The aggravation of pulling a sock up all day will always be greater than an irritation with extra material.
So that you know, some of the unsuccessful attempts include socks from the following: the Avenue, Target regular knee high socks, Walmart, Sears, KMart.
Are you a sock wearer? What's your favorite brand?

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