Thursday, April 28, 2011


As women, when it comes to fashion, there is one thing that we love to have, and it begins with the letter O. Options! We love having options. Whether it's clothes or shoes, we like being able to pick and choose.

Unfortunately, women who wear a size 11 shoe and above have very few options. If you're above a size 10 in shoes you know how hard it is to find shoes in your size and even more importantly, how hard it is to find stylish shoes in your size. Well, SC has found a shoe site that caters to women sizes 11 and up. Exceptional Footprints was brought to our attention via Twitter.  It's a shoe site that wants to revolutionize the footwear industry by representing for the girls with size 11 feet and up. 

Shondell Andre founded Exceptional Footprints like so many others, out of frustration. A size 12 herself, this fellow curvy girl felt that there was a market for women with size 11 feet and above. I'm quite sure plenty of women would probably be rich if they had a $1 for every time a shoe store said we don't carry your size. Shondell is showing love to the shoe challenged with Exceptional Footprints.

Have you been on the search for a pair of bright colored peeptoes or the new trendy nude pumps in your size? Well check this out, the site offers a bevy of stylish and trendy shoes ranging from sexy colorful heels, ballet flats, to jeweled encrusted sandals. Currently they carry shoe brands Corso Como and Madeline. Since the site is fairly new, we expect that they will be adding more brands as they grow. Just recently they added the Takera collection (pictured above), a shoe line by WNBA player Asjha Takera Jones which features richly colored suede heels in a t-strap style.

Shoes are priced from $49-$245. For more check out their website at

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