Friday, April 15, 2011

The Unmentionable

*a note to my male readers: you might want to skip this post.*

The problem with something being unmentionable is it denies the power of sharing information. For example, very few women share their challenges AND successes regarding undergarments. In fact I only talk about such with my best friends and female family members. As a result I have spent countless dollars on underwear (which adds up to a few pieces) that didn't work. After a few wears it either, rolled, washed horribly, or fell apart.

So, in the spirit of sharing, hear we go. I waited all week to write this review just to make sure I would give a complete review. (none of these items were gifted to me.)
These were from Lane Bryant.

First the undies.

Granted they are not the sexiest but this purchase was about function more than form. I DIDNOT like these. They had absolutely no hold and I like undies that help keep me firm not fluid. I took off the ones I had on and return the ones I hadn't worn. They were 3 for $29.

Next a bra

I was leery of these because they were all cotton, but they quickly became my new favorite! Even through a wash they have been sturdy without the dreaded peeling and sagging of a non-underwire bra. My honey even noticed a few days after I started wearing my new bras. SCORE!!! I plan to purchase a few more.

And finally

I went in search of a sports bra and found this at Catherines. The typical high price ($34) is absolutely worth it. I feel supported without feeling like something is cutting into me.

I hope the above is helpful, and the next time you buy underwear...mention it.

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  1. I am trying to find comfortable bras that actually cross in the back. They were recommended to me by a friend who got the breast reduction surgery (which I will do in the next coming year) but until she did the surgery, said that the best option to relieve back pain was a comfortable, supportive bra that even helped her posture. Unfortunately, the catalog she used no longer exists. if you find any- SHARE! :)