Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fashion changes lives

Ok, so I can remember certain events, times and places that have changed my view of fashion and impacted how I present myself to the world. While I have grown, I admit that there are still times that I miss the mark. However, I remember the day time and hour when I internalized the fact that being busy, having important roles (wife, mom, employee, etc) should not overwhelm and engulf me so much that I don't care and put thought to how I look. Now, being a big girl I also admit I still battle with taking the time to work out, but what I won't do is spend my life waiting for my ideal body. I'm going to work with and do the best with what I've got.

That being said, today has been another epiphany day. I just encountered a store that rocked my world not because of its prices (and they were REASONABLE), not because of its content (it was breathtaking...and stores don't usually do that to me), but because it was filled with things I loved. I was standing in a store that's the closet of my dreams. With each section of color and texture, the shiny and bling reminded me that putting thought to how you present yourself to the world is not about caring what the world thinks but knowing your worth just as much thought you put towards everyone and everything else.

Thank you Charming Charlie and welcome to the area!

(Thanks to CeeJizzle and her heads up tweet.)

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