Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mommy guilt

So, I always find it interesting when someone gives you "advice" that is general knowledge or - what I call - a no-brainer.

After 2 years of working like slavery never ended (yes, I said it) working 10-12 hour days, I finally make time to go to the dentist. Now, I know that there shouldn't be an excuse, but that is how busy my life has been and after prioritizing my responsibilities and roles, the dentist lost out. Now that some things have changed in our family dynamic, I was able to join my family in what will be my regularly scheduled semi-annual teeth cleaning.

Unfortunately, my excitement was diminished by the dental assistant who took the opportunity to mini-lecture me about taking care of myself and my teeth. I'll be honest, I'm being sensitive, but is happy about not putting themselves first? It just rubbed me the wrong way.

At least I was cute while in the chair.  While today was HOT, the outfit was comfortable and quite cool.

BTW, if you read the reviews for this shirt at www.lanebryant.com they are dead on.  Cute shirt and a size smaller works.

Don't forget my motto: never pay full price for anything.  With coupons and discounts this shirt was $10.  The sandals were clearance for $3.24.

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