Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A real love letter

Every night I feel the urge to walk softly in your room and just look at you. I admit that you still take my breath away. We can seem to take you for granted but I am still in awe of you and the God that charged us with supporting and equipping you to be your best you. I sometimes have to remind myself that it is okay that I be among you...the three of you. That I am mother, wife, woman....queen of this home is not because you pulled the shortest straw in the draw. That you are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone and we are one flesh must mean that there is a piece of you that is my reflection and that gives me breath to exhale and know that things are matter how they seem.

You center me. You thrill me. You even calm me....when I allow you to. You free me from expectations I set up...not you. It is not you that at times has me overwhelmed but the self-inflicted rules and guidelines I've tried to abide by to provide an unrealistic reality. You remind me I am one woman with 2 hands 2 arms 2 legs and i cannot do it alone...and dont have to because im not.

You push me to get up when I fall and not wallow, dwell, unpack and make a home in it. You know I make mistakes and I see you say they are ok without saying a word. You eat my physical and emotional food even when what I'm feeding you may not reflect my best work. When I'm tired you say rest. When I'm ready to work you clear a path for me and cheer as you move out of my way.

You convince me my very presence changes the atmosphere in the room by how you respond when I enter into it. I will not allow any other relationship to require more work than what I put into this perfect square.

I say I am a queen not just because of who God made me but because of my association and relation to you for You Are indeed Royalty. I am not only blessed to be loved by you, but more blessed because I am charged to love you.

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