Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting excited

I do better with planning what to wear than with throwing things on. There are several looks that I look forward to revisiting this fall. They're looks that I didn't get a chance to enjoy and articles I purchased late in the spring and never got a chance to wear. Here are a few:

I love the idea of these two-toned heals and matching tights. Loved it so much that I ripped the page and kept it. I'll keep an eye out to copy this style.

Statement necklaces were catching my eye last fall. This pic - again from a catalog - is a frame of reference on how to incorporate this style this fall.

I have always loved the idea of a simple dress, tights, and loafers or mary janes. I am still trying to work out the style and cut of the dress. A line? Straight Cut? What do you think for my pear-shaped (aka still look pregnant after four years) body?

I think this is cute on many levels... from the bag to the sweater to the boots. LOVE IT!

One last one for now. It used to be I couldn't get warm in the colder months. Now, it seems I easily get to hot. Dressy shirts paired with skirts and comfortable yet funky shoes. Added to the shopping list!

More to come.

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