Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do your homework

Shortly after having children I began looking at things in the context of their needs and providing for them. For instance, if there was something I wanted to buy I would compare the cost and importance to our expenditures for them. For example, i wouldn't purchase a $50 pair of shoes because heck, that was two cans of formula. In the same vein, I was further motivated to hunt for and become an avid user of coupons adopting a rule to never pay full price... or as much as I could help it. However, I realized for the past two years I've been negligent in two areas. This blog is about one... eye glasses.

Not only did I not investigate spectacle shops, I also did not probe my insurance coverage. Until this week that is. So for two years I have taped, glue and even fingernail polished my glasses to keep them decent knowing that new glasses normally run me an easy $300. How wrong was I?! Come to find out I have EXCELLENT vision insurance coverage and got an eye screening AND glasses for $30 from my dr. office and $6.95 from ( I had no idea .)

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