Saturday, January 8, 2011

You never know (picture heavy)

So my dear wonderful mother wanted to check out Charming Charlie's. Someone might say I'm visiting to often, but check out the pieces I grabbed today that we didn't see just two days ago.

These are two long charcoal chains that I plan on combining.

I admit this is a trendy piece but I still think it will be cute with a turquoise t-shirt under a chocolate suit.

Got 1 for me and 1 for C. At its cost I could do that.

Plans for this as well.

And remember this?

The bracelet was out today. I probably won't wear the earrings to not overdo this.

And remember this necklace?

Matching bracelet today...

Bought my friends Tif. and Col. each a pair of these. I think they'll like them.

And lastly, remember the gold ball necklace from above? Here's how my remake turned out.

While I can't promise I won't visit CC again, for the sake of variety I won't be posting any more of their items for a while.

I love a good successful hunt though!

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